About PCA

GT2 was a personal ecological accounting domain which was a 2 thing by virtue of the first Android Green Travel Calculator, c. 2011 to which it bears at most a slight and thematic resemblance since the former basically did nothing but track GPS, the core physical sensing function needed to estimate travel related carbon footprint.

Its first complete release was in 2021 but that version required foreground operation, limiting its usefulness. The 2.0.8 release in late 2022 adds background operation and is the end of GT2 which will be maintained on github for maintenance and security changes only.

Releases 2.1 and later will be styled Personal Carbon Accounting, will be applications of the PMTA variant of the DSAP, maintained in forgejo.meansofproduction.biz, and will accrue the functionality shown on the roadmap there.

This WordPress is a stub for later use by the relevant PG groups, the main support domain being greentravel.app .